Filancy - About Us

Who we are

Filancy is a web development company, specializing in solving the most daring and ambitious online business tasks.

Through the years our team has developed the skill to combine creativity with technology, by creating outstanding and innovative designs with reliable functionality. Our expertise here at Filancy will help you achieve any of the business goals and will bring your brand to a new level of perception.

As a web development company, Filancy has established an efficient development routine, based on agile principles and industry's best practices. Our web developers possess extensive experience in developing complicated, clean and functional web solutions using these key technologies: PHP frameworks, JAVA EE/SE, JS frameworks (Node, React, VUE etc.).

Our team is able to implement each of these functions at the highest level:

  • Business analytics
  • Web Consulting
  • Web Production
  • Building IT Infrastructure for your business
  • The front end and back end architecture
  • UX/UI design
  • iOS and Android apps
  • QA at all levels
  • Support
  • Outsourcing and outstaffing

Our competence extends to the full cycle of web development from the idea and planning to the implementation and support of the finished product.

Filancy web solutions are known for their unique designs and leading functionality. As a result, a truly effective project will be created, which will provide the functionality, mobility, and success of your business. Every step is made in accordance with your main business tasks and processes - you can feel safe in our hands.

Our team is ready to provide you with IT outsourcing and outstaffing. After analyzing your task we build a team of high-quality specialists for your project. We can assemble both a permanent team and a temporary one depending on the tasks you have for the project and the structure of your IT department.

We have vast experience and are equally successful in working with a large-scale enterprise and a small start-up, as you can see examples of diverse projects in our portfolio.

We work ahead of the time with the help of innovative technologies. We create solutions that your competitors definitely don’t have.
Contact us to find out how our special approach and experience can help solve your business goals.

Our team

Development is not only a job. It is our hobby, passion and essence of life.